This Is DutchNFTDrops

WeWe Create Authentic NFTNFT Art. MakingArt. Making thethe Non-Fungible TangibleTangible

We areare creatingcreating authentic NFTNFT art. MakingMaking TheThe Non-Fungible TangibleTangible



Together with an artist we select a series of works for a drop



We mint these works as NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain



At the time of the drop they go on sale for a fixed price on OpenSea



Don't miss out on your Dutch NFT purchase. All drops will be limited, so don't miss out

Our Story

Dutch NFT Drops was founded on June 1, 2021. We saw a shortage of real art among the NFTs. From that moment on we started working with physical artists who make suitable art for NFTs. In the new world of NFTs, the value of an NFT is not always understood by the masses. We are going to change this. People have been collecting since centuries. This used to be the case with baseball cards, pokemon cards and a lot more. In the NFT-scene there is already a wide range of collectibles for buyers to collect. We make collectibles with real artists. We create worldwide exposure for artists whithout limitations. Why Dutch NFT Drops? Because we're Dutch and we keep the long term vision for NFT art. Let's make the non-fungible tangible!

Paint like there's no mañana!

Erik Neimeijer

Be Allergic To Average.


Let's go make stuff!

Korneel Jeuken